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Welcome to The World Metal Alliance.


The history of The World Metal Alliance, our fight against censorship and our message for metal unity. Find out our purpose, how we came into being and why the World Metal Alliance was resurrected on the web to preserve that which we fought to protect nearly a decade ago.


Complete listing and description of all portions of this website. Clicking the Menu button will return you to this directory page.


We currently offer several of the best live heavy metal webcasts available, in what may be the first all metal webcast directory on the internet.


Music and World News Headlines of the hour, updates each time you visit the page. Also features the "Drop Down Menu From Hell" which launches the best heavy metal news and resource sites on the web.


Download some great full length heavy metal mp3s now being promoted by the new up and coming heavy metal bands now posting on our boards. Also find some great free music software and free heavy metal style fonts, wallpaper and desktop themes.


Our heavy metal links board lists some of the best metal sites on the web. Features direct links the official home pages of nearly every major heavy metal band and a listing of sites which may be of interest to metal musicians and the heavy metal subculture. Also allows members to easily add and discuss links at their discretion.


We have provided a guest book in order for visitors to sign and post a brief message, without having to register on our message boards. However, WMA members are also invited to "sign in" and leave their comments as well


A directory to World Metal Alliance Member's photo pages and site links.


Membership has always been free, but joining and has never been as quick and easy. The voice of The Alliance has always been the combined opinions and input provided by it's members. In the past, we have published these views in printed form. Now, harnessing the power of the web, these voices, opinions and views can be instantaneously published by Alliance members on fully automated message boards and discussed in live chat rooms. And joining in order to contribute your voice, views and opinions can now be done on-line and have you both registered and posting in moments!


We have posted the entire United States Bill of Rights to inform our members and visitors of their freedoms under the constitution. Of particular interest to those who oppose censorship is The First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and the press.


Get a Free World Metal Alliance E-Mail Account,, with 6 megs of space, spam filters and a fast loading easy-to-use interface.

Message Boards

Main Message Boards

Our Main Message Boards, or "Chat Boards" are growing in membership and gaining a reputation as the coolest Metal Boards on the web. A unique well moderated environment of mutual respect, where personal attacks and flame wars are not tolerated. Almost all WMA activity and discussions currently take place on our Main Boards due to the advanced features, user-friendly interface and faster load times. Post your own topics, and fully automated polls in a wide range of metal related forums.

Shared Message Boards

Since the Alliance first created these boards, in early 2000, many other webmasters have added a mirror version of our boards to their sites, particularly the WMA Music Board - now the top heavy metal board in its category. These were previously our primary forum and are still shared with many other metal sites that were approved by our members. However, most WMA activity no longer takes place there, other than moderation and oversight. While these boards do lack the advanced user features of our main boards, and are often slow to load, the fact that they can be shared with many sites, more than compensates for its bare bones interface.

Chat Rooms

The World Metal Alliance offers several live chat rooms. Be sure to check our board for scheduled chat times or to schedule your own live chat.

Main Room

This is the main chat room of the World Metal Alliance, due to it's advanced features, most live chat happens here.

AXS Room

Access to the WMA ROOM via our backup server in the event our primary server is down.

Dark Room

This room got it's name from it's all black interface, often used as an alternative to the WMA Main Room.

Extra Room

In the event that all other rooms are either full, or not working, this room may be used until service is restored.

Vast Unseen Realm

The pages originally only available to members, now open to guests.

I: Magic Metal Ball
Answers all yes or no questions

II: Metal Machine
Thought, lyric and title generator

III: Metal Mystery
Test your knowledge of metal history

IV: Vast Unseen Room
Globally shared live chat rooms

V: Alliance Ultraboard
Features private board, user icons, rankings

VI: Metal Quick Six
Six dark digits from the unseen realm

VII: The Ancient Text
The secret source of metal themes

VIII: Medieval Modes
And the secret of the forbidden triad

IX: Miscellaneous
Future pages and site additions

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